Thursday, March 29, 2012

Driving me crazy!

Yup, they are officially driving me crazy! At least this am I got to wake the pups up instead of vice versa as I had to leave early to take Babe to the shows. As it turns out, we all should have slept in.
Still, it was gratifying to shake them awake :0
Green Boy decided to show off his driving skills with the little beeping bus we have used for a rally distraction. Hopefully I have the right puppy - both Green and Blue were nude this am, so I quick slipped collars back on them. Luckily Kate has a code to tell who is who!
They are starting to play with toys as well as each other. They also play wrestle and fight - sounding quite violent at times.
The boom box appears to be ill so the pups are currently listening to "Puppy Sounds" by Dean Lake via my new laptop. Many thanks to Tom who guided me long distance over the phone on using it. Who knew a laptop would have something called a touch pad?! For those concerned about the puppies' classical training, Dean Lake is a bassoonist so that ought to count for something.
Off to fix Queezle's 3 pm feeding - darn, already 12 minutes late!

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