Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I decided to give the little angels a box or two today. So I added an empty cat food box (held cans) and an box. At first just the girls were checking things out. Like true shoppers, they went right for the Amazon box :)
Later, the boys woke up and they thought the Amazon box was more interesting too. I really need a bigger box or two for more fun.
I got this fun photo of Pink Girl sleeping on Queezle's head. I would feel sorry for Queezle except she sleeps on MY head part of the time at night!
Up to laundry load #5 today. I will have to give in and go to papers eventually but I hate the thought of newsprint on the pups. Hopefully the washer and dryer hold up.
I made them listen to corny dog songs again as payback for the 2:30 am ruckus last night :)

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  1. Love pink girl! Always think puppies who play "king of the mother" early in life, go on to be very sucessful.