Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Supper time!

The Magnificent 7 as I call them (my husband says the 7 Deadly Sins though he claims we only seem to have Wrath and Gluttony), are trying a bunch of new things.
The last couple of days I have given them plastic bottles they like to shove around. They also got some toilet paper rolls - empty of course! I don't want to start a confetti business :)
We also started them on some "real food" Turkey baby food and yogurt were first on the menu. That went over splendidly. Then I had some soft bananas, so I added that into the mix. Their breath was lovely after that. Currently they get 2 meals a day plus access to Queezle 24/7.
The three smallest pups eat in one area - each with their own bowl. The four bigger pups eat together from the muffin tin - each one gets a corner spot. All the pups are eager eaters!


  1. who is "daddy"???

  2. Love to watch them grow. They are still baked potato cuties!