Friday, April 6, 2012

Adolescent and adult dogs on tap

On a break from puppy musings, let me discuss adolescent dogs and adult dogs. Seven month old Babe is quite a delight. She is the biggest counter surfer I have ever owned despite being fairly small but otherwise generally a "good girl". One hopes of course that the adult dogs will influence a pup, show her how to be a great dog, etc. And not that the pup will teach them some "new tricks".
So yesterday, I was working on an article on deadline. Babe was lying by the gate to the study most of the time. (The dogs are shut out of there now due to Queezle and the puppies). Occasionally I would see her get up and then hear her dropping and playing with her Planet Dog Glow Ball. All is good.
Then I started getting a weird smell. I thought it might be the printer having a burnout since it has been acting up so I turned that off. Nope, I can still smell it. As I head into the kitchen, the smell gets quite strong. And in the living room, on a dog bed is a 16 oz bottle of wild salmon oil, basically oozing a few last drops onto the bed. Oh, and the carpet has a strong "eau de fish" too.
Hokey has horrible fish breath, Babe a bit and Dani a little. Baloo the Aussie appears to be innocent. I have to leave in about 20 minutes for a vet cont ed mtg. Chuck is heading home to cover. The house smells like a fish market at the end of a long week.
So, do I mention we had our honey moon on the coast of Maine? Do I pretend nothing is amiss since he tends to have a lousy sense of smell? I basically simply said, "They spilled a little fish oil - no big deal."
I fly to my meeting which is a dinner meeting. The friend sitting next to me says "You know, I don't know why but I really feel like having fish tonight". Yup, kept my mouth shut!
Oh yeah, pup teaching others bad habits!

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  1. That is a great story!! Baron was my BAD counter surfer!! Mags hasn't done that yet!! XD

    Tracy, Baron & Magnus