Thursday, April 12, 2012

Outdoors and onwards

The Magnificent 7 are now going outside a couple of times every day. Not for long as it is still cool and has rained a bit but enough to march to the end of the big fenced yard and back. They are excellent pups! They often pee and poop while outside, run and get tired. They are learning to beware of people's feet - OK, my feet anyway :).
The pups come to "pup, pup", a clap or a whistle. They follow but they also like to explore. The girls were more photogenic when I finally remembered the camera.
Inside, they are in the big puppy play area during the day and move into the whelping box/expen area at night. I added a helium balloon to the pen yesterday. At first they all gazed up in awe - should have had the camera then! Now they ignore it.
We are way beyond the "7 surfaces" for them to walk on so that is good. On "7 things to eat off" we are at about 5. Actually if you count eating off each other since they are messy, I suppose we are at 6 :)
Ears are up and staying up on Pink and Orange. Green generally has one ear up and the other boys are working on their ears.
I now serve two meals daily plus they are still nursing. They all drink water from the bowls in their pen too.
Kate has been taking them for car rides on the weeknd so they are learning about that too.
They had more visitors today - Nathalie and Pam stopped by and got to play with them. Doris and Kathy were here the other night. My sister Chris comes tomorrow for a day so we should have fun.

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